Identify Imminent Security Risks Using AI

C3 AI Workforce Analytics

C3 AI Workforce Analytics connects workforce-related data sources and uses AI to detect and mitigate security risks.


C3 ai Workforce Analytics

Demonstrated Benefits


High-risk case reviews using AI


Efficiency with in-application workflows


Decision making with ongoing training of AI models


Workforce safety with AI-enabled assessments

Minimize Security Threats and Mitigate Risk

C3 AI Workforce Analytics Solution

Disparate and disconnected data sources

Unified, federated data image integrates and correlates all relevant data to form a complete picture of each employee

Difficult to prioritize cases

AI models trained on employee data optimizes case prioritization and creates alerts for cases requiring additional review

Slow case review processes

In-application workflows allow users to flag cases for additional review and monitor the progress of reviews through the system

Hard to capture data to inform future actions

Adjudicated decisions are fed back into the system to improve AI model predictions in future cases

Customer Viewpoints

Todd Probert

Todd Probert

VP C2, Space and Intelligence

"C3 AI has been a great partner in our endeavor to use AI and ML to make sense of the volume of data that's coming off the various intelligence feeds and from the battlefield."

Eric Grant Thumbnail
Erik G.

Erik G.

Business Area Chief Engineer

“C3 AI has a mature product that's already proven itself in the commercial market.”

Zico Kolter thumbnail
Zico Kolter

Zico Kolter

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department

“I really like seeing a single platform that enables a very broad use of AI applications, and a way to let people write their own algorithms on top of this unified architecture.”

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