AI-Driven Management of Dynamic Manufacturing Environments

C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization uses AI to generate accurate demand forecasts and optimal schedules for complex operations to minimize production costs and maximize OTIF planning and scheduling performance.

Demonstrated Benefits


Increase in demand
forecast accuracy


Improvement in OTIF
planning and scheduling


Decrease in scheduling costs

Next Generation AI-Based Planning and Scheduling

Key Issues
C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization Solution

Aggregate and inaccurate demand forecasting

AI-based demand forecasting that leverages all relevant historical data

Poor On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) performance caused by inadequate task-resource timing and allocation

Holistic optimization of all manufacturing and distribution schedules

Frequent change orders causing schedule disruptions

AI-powered predictions of customer order modifications

Costly transitions and inventory levels caused by suboptimal schedules

Elastic solver that fully optimizes schedules across millions of variables and constraints

Hard-to-maintain and rigid Linear Programming solutions requiring heavy manual interventions

No-code multiproduct, multipurpose ”what-if” planning and scheduling analyses for different time horizons

Multiple tools, multiple parties, inefficient collaboration

A unified and integrated application to streamline collaboration