C3 AI Studio

C3 AI Studio offers a rich library of deep-code tools and low-code environment for developing, deploying, and operating enterprise AI applications. C3 AI Studio provides a cohesive development experience on a visual canvas providing data ingestion, data modeling, machine learning feature engineering and model lifecycle management, and a metadata-driven UI development tooling. ​

Visual Studio Code

C3 AI’s extension for the popular Visual Studio Code source-code editor allows application developers, data scientists, and data engineers to kick off development on day 1 via a familiar development experience.


C3 AI’s on-demand JupyterLab Notebooks provides an interactive interface to all data and machine learning services, enabling a complete data science lifecycle.

Application Canvas

C3 AI Studio exposes the power of C3 AI’s model-driven architecture through an intuitive application canvas and provides an integrated set of best-of-breed tools allowing business experts, data scientists, data engineers, application developers, and IT to easily collaborate on developing, deploying, and operating complex AI applications.